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The Suicide Helpline

Life isn't for everyone.

9/25/06 02:24 am - adame2043


for your convenience.

7/10/06 08:58 am - meka_slorne - Either way...

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2/7/06 05:05 am - veritas87

Happy Birthday Suicide Helpline!

I got you a gift but I already opened it.... *emo tear*

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1/23/06 05:04 am - adame2043 - *cackles*

I love my Bonsai Kitten!

Need I say more?

I wonder if it's real.

11/12/05 12:17 am - adame2043

Last bright eyes show I went to, I was expecting tighter security.

Next time, assuming the faint is playing, and I'll be there... I'm bringing 5 boxes of razors to hand out.

What have you done for your community lately?

7/30/05 12:38 am - adame2043

I think we look at death the wrong way. Humans don't seem to like the concept of change, and death is just a change from life. Or is it? what if Life and death are the same? either way, most changes happen for the best. I think that this is the same. So get your razors everyone and walk down that road. Go take those pills, pull that trigger, close that garage door and start that car. However you want to get it done, just go out there and give it your best. We need to make changes around here, and why not start with you.

3/17/05 12:48 am - adame2043 - Me > You

Examples of making the mistakeCollapse )

2/25/05 01:28 am - adame2043 - Just a reminder.

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2/20/05 08:37 pm - adame2043

..Hi everyone, my name is Adam, and well, I'm suicidal. I started to realize this when I started cutting myself and running around in traffic. The cars kept trying to avoid me though. If I can't be successful at killing myself, how will I succeed in life? Nobody likes me. I think it's cause I'm short. Nobody likes midgets... I mean... who would? We're just fucking freaks who need help reaching things above 4 feet tall. I mean, sure the girls think it's cute, and well, it's gotten me laid a few times (with some help of roofies and GHB of course), but well... I dunno, nobody wants to marry a midget. I'm going to be sad and alone the rest of my life. I guess this is a last reach before I go and buy a gun. I always have to carry 4 forms of ID on me to prove that I'm really of legal age cause people think I'm just a kid trying to fuck with them. I mean... 4th graders are taller than me. Sometimes I even goto elementary schools to pick up dates. I don't care about what gender they are... so long as they have somewhere for me to put it. It's really an advantage cause I'm stronger than the average 4th grader. I don't know what to do, I'm tired of the cops chasing me... I'm just tired of it all.

Please, what should I do to be happy? I'm wanted in 37 states, and 3 countries outside the US. It's so tiresome. Just help me please.

Thank you everyone


2/20/05 08:24 pm - adame2043

ClearPrplPenguin: I can't find the sharp sidde of my knife
ClearPrplPenguin: =(
ClearPrplPenguin: how will I cut?
Sk4 Ninj4: ...turn it around
Sk4 Ninj4: One side is sharp
Sk4 Ninj4: the other is dull...

Need I say more?
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